We have begun our social science unit on economics.  In first grade, that means we will learn about the differences between wants and needs, goods and services, and consumers and producers.  Here are some ideas for you to support our learning at home:

  • Look around your home.  Discuss which items are wants and which are needs.
  • Discuss your job.  Ask your child whether you provide a good or a service. 
  • Ask your child to help you identify ways you are a consumer.  Have you ever been a producer? 
  • Discuss the importance of saving money and making wise choices about spending.  

In math, we have begun a unit on graphing.  In graphing, we will explore the following questions:
  • How do we collect data? We can use a survey.
  • How can we represent the data we collect?  We can use a table, bar graph, pictograph, or a tally chart.
  • Why is it important to represent the data accurately?  We want our audience to be able to interpret our graph.
  • What language can we use to interpret a graph?  We can discuss results using terms like more than, less than, fewer, greater, equal, and about.  For example, "There are more students bringing lunch from home than students buying lunch today." Or, "Fewer students will buy a salad than students who will buy pizza."  

Thank you for your support with practicing the sight words listed on our word wall.  It is wonderful to see the students gaining confidence with reading and writing these words.  Mastering these will help the children make connections to other words.  

I will close with one of my dad's favorite jokes.  :-)

Why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide!


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