Happy St. Patrick's Day to all those who celebrate Irish heritage!  Many thanks go to S.L.'s grandparents for visiting our room and sharing some Irish joy with us.  S.L.'s grandpa read a story, and her grandma and grandpa gave each student a lucky shamrock and pencil.  Thank you!

It is hard for me to believe that we are already at the end of the third quarter.  The end of each grading period is a wonderful time to consider how much we have accomplished.  I am delighted, of course, with the children's progress, and I am eager to share more specifics with you in the third quarter report card comments.

This week, we will finish several projects.

In writing, the children will put the finishing touches on their favorite piece from the last two weeks.  One skill we have been working on is revising our writing with descriptive words.  In first grade, we do not erase a boring word.  We simply cross it out and write a more descriptive word above it.  This gives evidence to the student's thinking during revision.  We have practiced crossing out boring words like "said" and replacing them with more interesting words like "whispered", "shrieked", or "exclaimed."  

In reading, in addition to practicing comprehension strategies for both fiction and nonfiction, we are also practicing alphabetical order.  Last week, the students each had a turn alphabetizing words on the Promethean board during our reading stations.  This week, we will add to this skill by practicing dictionary skills.  

In math, we are continuing our work with addition and subtraction.  The children will practice skills with story problems and a variety of manipulative games.  Please feel free to boost your child's confidence by practicing doubles facts at home.  Knowing all the doubles up to 10 + 10 can definitely help your child be successful with related problems.

In science, we will review pushes and pulls, ways things move, sound, and we will wrap-up our unit on force, motion, and energy with a construction project, building on our research.  Thank you for the tremendous help you have provided by sending in so many recyclable materials!  We are in good shape now with boxes, but we will continue to accept any toilet paper or paper towel tubes that you can spare.  Also, we will happily use donations of duct tape or masking tape.  

We currently have more than 500 box tops - wow!  This is looking good!

Wednesday, March 19 will be Green Day.  Please help your child wear as much green as possible on Wednesday.  Thank you!



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