If you're here wondering where Mrs. Hayden's First Grade blog has gone, please do not worry!  You can access all of the posts from 2012-2013 right here.  If you are wondering why so much has changed, the answer is that over the summer I will be updating the site with a fourth grade focus.  With changing boundaries and two new schools opening nearby, our student numbers at Mill Run are expected to change.  Mr. Vickers invited me to join the fourth grade team next year, and I am excited about this learning opportunity.  One of the best perks of this change for me is that in three years, I may be lucky enough to have my first graders in my class again.

Best wishes for a safe and relaxing summer!  I hope you devour a collection of great books while you rest and rejuvenate!  Take care!


Alissa Baker
07/18/2013 12:06pm

Hope you are having a great summer! Good luck in 4th grade!!!

Susan Hayden
07/18/2013 5:54pm

Thanks so much! I am having a lot of fun reading as many 4th grade books as I can!


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