When I ran into Mr. Gamble in the hall today, he asked me why I was smiling.  I said, "I'm the luckiest teacher in the school."  He immediately wanted three reasons why I felt that way.  I said that I couldn't give him three.  I've got 17 reasons that I'm so happy to come to school every day.

The children are earning compliments right and left.  We were publishing our Earth Day paragraphs in the computer lab today (they'll go up in the hallway next week), and Ms. Bohn was very impressed with how quickly and competently the children typed their paragraphs.  Ms. Leishman noticed how quietly the class was walking in the hall.  Mrs. Matter noticed how the children love to read and check out new books in the library.  Miss Nina and I both feel very grateful to work with these outstanding students.

This week, the children have been working on "how to" books, which is a general introduction to our nonfiction writing unit.  We are also diving into more nonfiction reading, so stay tuned for tips and strategies specific to nonfiction.  In math, we are nearing the end of Unit 7 on patterns.  You probably noticed a variety of pattern activities coming home that repeated some of the same concepts.  Before we were working on identifying the unit that repeats in a repeating pattern.  This week we have focused on growing patterns, using penny jar problems and staircase towers as the main examples. 

Finally, thank you all for the thoughtful gift, the beautiful flowers and delicious lunch on Tuesday.  Miss Nina and I feel truly spoiled!  Thank you!  You made Teacher Appreciation Day very special!  

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