Here are some reflections from the students about their learning this week:

We learned a lot about teeth.  Inside your tooth you have dentin and pulp.  You have a jawbone.  We made a graph of a tooth. (H.Z.)

We have been working on the heart of the story.  It is important to make the whole story cool and interesting.  We put a heart around the heart of the story on our planning page. (Z.S.)

In writing we are learning on how to stretch the problem in a story.  We read a book called Andrew's Loose Tooth that had a long problem.  And we are writing our own stories with a problem. (M.D.)

In poetry, we find and frame words we know, and we practice writing word wall words quickly. (A.C.)

We're doing a lot of writing, all the time. (T.B.)

Everyday we have a new activity in math and a story problem or something like that.  We played a game called Dot Addition.  (P.K.)

We had new centers this week and guided reading, too.  My favorite center is art. (H.Z.)

Our poem this week was called, "My Teeth."  (M.K.)

In math, we have done lots of math problems and games, too. (S.M.)

We always have fun at school!  (D.S.)


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