The children were so happy to give and receive their special Valentine wishes to their classmates.  We all felt the glow of friendship on Valentine's Day.  Unfortunately, I'm having some technical difficulties with the photos I took on Valentine's Day.  I'll post those as soon as I'm able.   Until then, please enjoy this shot of the kids on Pajama Day.  The children were very excited to be so comfortable at school, and they managed to do some good work even with such excitement.

As part of the homework, I am encouraging the children to show you how they login and practice for World Math Day.  The information, including their unique usernames and passwords, was sent home with the homework packet.  Enjoy!

I wish you all the best during the February break.  I hope you enjoy spending time with your families.  Take care!

Thank you to all of the parents who helped to make our 100th Day fantastic!  We certainly wouldn't have had as much fun without you.  The children chose from a wide array of 100th Day activities:  counting, estimating, grouping, and writing.  Thank You!

Today the classroom was buzzing with excitement over the animal students who had joined us for the day.  The children enjoyed having their animals with them during reading, writing, and math activities.  I particularly enjoyed hearing the children make personal connections during our morning meeting.  As each child introduced his or her animal, other children realized how much they have in common.  Lovely!  The children also finished a simple writing assignment about their stuffed animal which is now on display on our author board.