Today, the School Board announced that Mr. Gamble will become the next Director of ASW!  We are so proud, and the girls and boys in 1H are certain that Mr. Gamble will be an outstanding Director!  Here is what they said:

Mr. Gamble will be an amazing Director because...

Joel:  He says "Good Morning!" when you go to his office.

Taner:  He made me laugh.

Anna:  He says "Good Morning!" to me every single day.
Megan:  He helps you to learn stuff when you get on red.

Philip:   Mr. Gamble says "Hello!" to me when I see him at Gold's Gym.

Mia:  He is kind, because everybody likes him. He never shouts at us.

Angela:  He is really tall, and he tickles me!
David:   He is sometimes funny to me.

Malina:  He is a great principal. 

Suzanne:  He is a very good friend, because he is nice to everyone in the school.

Anna Rose:  He teaches kids to be polite in the hallway.

Eun Hyuk:  He is brave and good to everyone.

Dewey:  He helps people if they fall down, like if they fall off their bike or off their seat.

Zelda:  He is really kind, and he always says "Please" when he asks us to do stuff.  And he greets us when we come to school.  He is really nice.  He laughs sometimes. I like him.

Eleanore:  He says "Goodbye" when we are going home from school, and he is always nice to us. 

Zita:  He's so funny!

Helena:  He is very nice, because he cares about us!  He smiles a lot, and he is funny!


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