My middle-schooler and I discovered that we have something in common -- we both are drawn to exploring new technology.  He knew I was experimenting with a couple of different options to build a classroom website.  The other day, he came home from school and said, "Mom!  Have you seen weebly? It's the best way to build a free website!"  Imagine his surprise when I showed him my work in progress!  Perhaps Dear Old Mom isn't as out of touch as he thought.  Though it's a near thing, certainly.  :-)

Anyway, it's time to see whether or not I can successfully post a video clip.  Wish me luck!

Please keep in mind that this is just a test.  But I do hope you love this performance as much as I do!
5/25/2011 03:19:43 am

That has to be the cutest video I have seen in a LONG time. I am still smiling...think I'm going to watch it again.

5/25/2011 08:24:33 am

OMG, that is sooooo cute! It made me have a flash back to Josh singing '5 little fishies'. I'm so Happy!!! Love it.

5/26/2011 03:49:20 am

Hi Sally, Hi Ms.Bohn, I'm so glad this made you smile! Who needs a Happy Light when you have someone like that to sing to you?


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