Hi.  My name is Susie, and I'm addicted to learning.

I registered to take a graduate course taught by ASW's own Technology Director, Bill MacKenty.  The course is titled, "Technology:  Best Practice as a Catalyst for Learning."  Why did I add the demands of a course to my already full schedule?  There are many reasons.   I was captivated by the description of the course that was shared.  I am also acutely aware of my need for any and all further education in technology.  I am intensely jealous of my children who are native speakers in techno-speak.  For me, it is a struggle.  A welcome struggle, though.  And, to be completely honest, there is something - well - addictive about learning.  Technology just happens to be my personal frontier.

My first homework assignment for the course is to blog my reflection from our first  session.  Here are some of my thoughts from Saturday, in no particular order:

*  When I am in a formal learning situation, I think about my students.  If I'm having a hard time sitting still or being attentive, I think about how my students might also have a hard time staying focused on the task at hand.

* I love this opportunity to share my love for learning (even when it involves sitting still) with my students.

* I am proud that I am taking this course simply because I want to learn what is being offered.

* I am motivated by learning skills and strategies that I find relevant, or  better yet, immediately applicable in the classroom.  I am not cut out to be a researcher.  I wonder how my students find the content of our day.  Do they see that learning to read is a vital skill, something that has immediate meaning, something that will improve their daily life starting now?

* It is profoundly affirming to reflect on best practices with my peers.   For some reason, it is difficult for me - alone -  to recall things I do well in terms of employing technology to promote collaborative, constructive, and differentiated learning.  However, if I reflect on this question with my peers, I realize that I am not alone.  We are a team of professionals, and as a team, we are already doing quite a lot! 

* I don't expect that my gnawing hunger for learning, specifically in the realm of my professional development frontier, will be satisfied anytime soon.  I think this course is one step on that path, and definitely in the right direction.  But Goodness Gracious, I still have a long way to go.

How do you find that technology improves your learning?

09/05/2011 22:34

If you are, as you write, addicted to learning, you have entered the right field of work!

Your reflection is excellent, your sentiments genuinely touching. If the only thing you do as a teacher is instill the love of learning into them which you have, you will have done a truly great thing, Susan!


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