Dear Parents,

On Thursday, we went upstairs and visited Ms. Horner's Third Grade.  Ms. Horner's students will be our reading buddies.  When we meet, we will take turns reading and listening.  We may even be able to do some projects together related to our reading.  I hope you enjoy the photos that Miss Nina took during our first session together.  We weren't the only visitors to Ms. Horners' class on Thursday!  We also had the chance to meet Spike the Hedgehog!

We are also settling into our routine of bringing home leveled books for daily reading practice.  Some days, the students will be bringing home the book that we used during our Guided Reading lesson.  Other days, the students will be bringing home a different book that they have selected as a "just right" book.  Please do not worry if the levels marked on the books vary from day to day.  It is exceptionally helpful for the students to celebrate their classroom reading by re-reading to a parent or sibling.  The books the children take home should be pretty 'easy' for them, so they continue to build their confidence.  Occasionally I will ask the children to write a sentence or two to respond to their reading in their reading log.  Thank you for your support with this!

See you at the PTO Fair!
Mrs.  Hayden


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