After three weeks on holiday, the children came back to school last week full of energy and enthusiasm.  Miss Nina and I were expecting to need to remind the children about our classroom routines and being safe, respectful, and responsible at school.  However, the children were ready to go.  They jumped right back into our learning routine without missing a beat!  Nice job!

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of a new student to our 1H community.  Victoria joined our class on January 9, and the other children have done a great job to make Victoria feel welcome.   Victoria has already brightened our class with her sunny disposition and eager approach to learning.  We're so glad you're here, Victoria!

With the new year, we are also starting some new units in math and science.  In math, we have begun working on collecting, categorizing, and analysing data.  In science, we are beginning a unit on matter.  We will focus primarily on two states of matter:  solids and liquids, and we will introduce gases.  I am excited to begin this unit with the children, because I know they will enjoy conducting a variety of experiments. 

We have also opened a new literacy center, the Tell Me A Story center.  At this center, students will work in pairs to use their imaginations and construct a simple story based on a photograph.  I try to find a photograph that will engage the children’s creativity and spark a lot of discussion among the partners.  I ask the children to take turns asking and answering questions with their partner.  This is a great opportunity to practice using all of the ‘wh’ question words, and this provides them with the foundation of their story.

In all subjects, we are highlighting the importance of sequence words.  We use words like “first, then, next, after that, and finally” in retelling a story in reading, in writing a story, and in giving directions in math and science.


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