Please enjoy these photos from Mill Run's Book Character Parade last week.  The children did a wonderful job choosing a character and deciding how to bring that character to life for the parade.  Many thanks to the parents who attended the parade and helped make the children feel so special!

Here are a few 'housekeeping' notes for November:

*  Please save the date for American Education Week!  On Thursday, November 15th, we will have a special program here in our classroom at 11:30 am.  The children will make a brief presentation about Thanksgiving, and we will have time for parents to enjoy time together with their children.  At 12:15-12:45, you are all invited for a Turkey Feast hosted by Mr. Vickers in Mill Run's cafeteria.  Following the feast, I am told that parents are encouraged to take their children to the library to shop at the book fair.  This is shaping up to be a tremendous celebration of our school and classroom community.

*  Due to the turkey feasts for other grades, our snack and lunch schedule will be altered somewhat on Wednesday, November 14 and Friday, November 16.  Students will be able to purchase lunch from the cafeteria on these days, but many children prefer to bring lunch from home since we will be eating in the classroom.

*  In homework news, the current homework packet is being stretched until Friday, November 9 due to our two hurricane days and the short week this week.  Thank you for understanding.  Also, there will be no homework the week of Thanksgiving.  As a reminder, you only need to return the homework cover sheet with your initials.  Homework is only checked for completion.

*  We have welcomed a new student to our class, and he is already fitting in beautifully.  We now have 27 students:  13 girls and 14 boys.  I will send an updated class list shortly.

*  Thanks again for your incredible support during our parent/teacher conferences.  It is a real pleasure to share good news with you about the wonderful things your children are doing at school.  Report cards will come home in your child's backpack on November 14.  Please return the report card envelope the next day since we will re-use them throughout the year.



Traci Tyo
11/05/2012 12:32pm

Mrs. Hayden,

Thanks for posting these adorable shots! BTW, we loved your costume :)

Quick questions re: work send home in Thursdays folder. Amongst the ususal Reading Station Menus, and the Spelling Words, were two separate items: Quarter 1 Writing Rubric & Fall Paragraph. Are these two items quarterly assessments? On the Spelling Words there was an addtional % for Sight Words. Can you explain how this differs from the Sight Word Dictation Sentence % above it? Thanks very much!

Susan Hayden
11/05/2012 4:42pm

Hi Traci! Great questions!

Last week's Thursday folders were stuffed more than usual because I took advantage of the hurricane days to tackle some very important grading for the class. The fall paragraph, pumpkin story, and October writing sample were graded using the half-sheet quarter 1 rubric. The marks you see on the rubrics are exactly what I enter into the online gradebook for the report card.

On the spelling test, I realized that I needed to separate out the sight words from the sight word dictation sentence score for the report card, because the first grade team is not grading for capital letters and punctuation in the first quarter.

And thanks, I'm glad my _Where the Wild Things Are_ costume turned out okay! I was recycling bits and pieces from various costumes my kids have needed over the years. :-) The students were the best, though. Without a doubt.

Take care!

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