Today in our classroom we practiced one of the safety drills that we use at Mill Run.  During this drill we gather in a safe spot and stay quiet and out of sight.  We also practice this drill as a school, as it is important for us to know what to do to stay safe in an emergency.  

Please know that we will not discuss the tragic events of last Friday as a class.  We will keep our focus on staying safe.  I told the students that their number one job was to freeze and be completely silent anytime I give a silent signal or we hear the intercom beep from the office.  That way, regardless of what the announcement is, we will always be able to hear and follow directions.

We are nearing the end of our journey around the world.  As you can see from the photo above, the children are enjoying using their "suitcases," getting their "passports" stamped, and learning about a variety of holidays and countries.  It has been a pleasure for me to meet the other first grade students, but I am always happiest to have my own group of super scholars return to the room!

Many thanks to all of the families who sent in donations for the children in New Jersey.  A few of the children are pictured below with their gifts.  My apologies to those whose gifts came in after this photo was taken.

Ms. Damewood, our librarian, is asking for parents to help all students remember to find and return overdue library books.  If your child has an overdue book, the library sent home a print-out listing the missing titles.

Finally, here is a recap of some of our special events this week:

Tuesday, December 18:  Mill Run SCA Pajama Day!  (Please wear or bring outside shoes for recess, if you will be wearing slippers.)

Thursday, December 20:  First Grade Grinch Day!  (Students are invited to dress as their favorite Grinch character.)

Friday, December 21:  All-school sing-along at 8:30 in the gym.  Parents are invited.  Class parties begin at 1:00 pm.  We will not have P.E. this day.



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