The children arrived this morning ready to learn!  Miss Nina and I so enjoyed meeting all of the children, and taking the first steps of our learning journey together.  They are a remarkable group of students, and we feel incredibly fortunate to be the teaching team to work with them.

Once everyone arrived, we began the day with a quick morning meeting.  We introduced ourselves and shared our favorite flavor of ice cream.  We also sang one of my favorite Dr. Jean songs, "Rise and Shine!  Welcome to School Today!"  We also began some of our first grade learning routines, including chanting the alphabet and adding a word to our word wall.  Today's word was "me".  Please ask your child to spell it for you! 

We also explored some routines and aspects to our life in first grade.  We discussed our classroom jobs as well as our commitment to our class code.  We had our first music class with Ms. Koebel, and we had lunch in the cafeteria.  We even read two different books that - by coincidence - both featured dinosaurs. 

In all, we had a wonderful day.  The sunny weather was the perfect setting today!  I hope your children were full of excitement and a sense of accomplishment at the conclusion of Day #1.  They really did a great job. 

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