Again this year, ASW will be assisting the Warsaw Volunteer Mission in providing help to families in crisis. 

The children in 1H will be collecting items for a needy family.  The items needed will be:   Christmas gifts for the children, washing supplies, all types of canned food, food that can be consumed in a longer period of time, sweets, hygienic items, vitamins for the children, etc.  There are five children in the family:  Eliza – 12, Karolina – 9, Maja – 6, Natalia – 2, and Karol – 1.

The deadline for the collection is December 14th.   Please see your home email for a photo and a more detailed description of the family's circumstances.  In class, we have only discussed that the father is too sick to help the family, so the mom and the five children give him his one room while they share the second. 

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity.  Our children have an opportunity to make a significant difference for others who are not as fortunate as we are.   When we discussed the idea of helping a family in need, the children immediately had ideas of things they could bring that would be helpful.  It's heart-warming to see their eyes shine, knowing that they can make a difference.


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